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Welcome to Sound Dimension Est.

We provide the world most high end quality sound system solutions and products  for strong relibility and workflow in Saudi Arabia.

We are pleased to be the distributer in Saudi Arabia  for the world most advanced and intelligible beam array systems of PAN BEAM© German company.

We are also proud to provide Worlds most High definition microphones  for live and studio recording in Saudi Arabia market. read more

Symetrix delivers high performance audio hardware and software, backed by the highest caliber of customer care.  from many Years of DSP based systems, SDE went forward with Symetrix as a standard installation for strong backbone highly reliable redundant and stand alone systems solution with extremely easy user interface controls that comply with all customer needs. if you think of a highly reliable system to install and forget, you are in phase with Symetrix!  read more

With Electro-Voice advanced paging system matrix controller of high quality and very strong reliability systems for long life installations with products MADE IN GERMANY. We provide all Contractual product line for any project in Saudi Arabia. read more

We took the challenge to a higher level with competitors, LAKE technology is our advanced and highly accurate real-time Liner-Phase EQ for advanced installations having complex acoustic performance challenges. That is not the end! worlds most highest quality and reliable amplifiers from Lab.Gruppen. That is why we OLY use Lab.Gruppen amplifiers with all Pan-Acoustics passive loud speakers for highest quality achieved. As a rule, in critical and highly sensitive operations with no-fail is accepted Lab.Gruppen is the defined standard choice.  read more!     


Now in Saudi Arabia, you can get NTi Audio AG products with SDE as part of our high quality products to perform test, calibration, measurements and many things you may need as a professional.

What is NTi Audio AG?
NTi Audio AG is a leading manufacturer of test and measurement solutions for acoustics, audio and vibration applications.

The main product lines are the handheld EXEL line and the desktop/rack-mount FLEXUS line, which combines the modular FX100 Audio Analyzer together with microphones, acoustical sources and fixtures for complete turnkey solutions based on PureSound – a unique defects analysis technology.read more

New! (added 2017) 
Now in Saudi Arabia, With more than 45 years of experience in the field of acoustics and loudspeaker technology and a future oriented engagement in research and development, plus the high quality standard of our production, VISATON are nowadays a specialized and world wide successfully operating German loudspeaker manufacturer.

You can get almost all what you need from Car-Hifi, High-End and Public address collections of loudspeakers with an affordable price.

New! High quality audio connectors on the way!

For any inquiry, please contact us.