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- Alrajhi Mosque (Makkah) : Improving and correcting sound monitoring for complex Mihrab Imam area with very high quality of speech ineligibility through PAN-BEAM PB08 advanced DSP steerable speaker column along with worlds high definition microphone for vocal SR40v.

- Alrajhi Mosque (Hail) : Performing Acoustical measurements and study of main prayer due to very high RT60 due to reflections with low speech ineligibility and having PAN-BEAM tested with superior high increase in Speech Intelligibility for proposal. (Incorporation with Sameercom Est.)

-Ministry of Education (Jeddah): Implementation of announcement system for offices and main corridors using PAN-SPEAKER P2-Pi with very high sound quality.

-Supreme Court Building . Al Ghubrah (OMAN): Provision, design & Training for implementation of PAN-BEAM steerable speaker along with controllers for OHI company.

-Presidency of The Two Holy Mosques Affairs (Alnabawi Holy Mosque/ Madinnah):
In process.

-Design of many sound systems for mosques, librarians, schools, etc.

-Acoustic calibration and measurements for mosques.

more on the way...